I'm a minimalist in an artful way. As I strive for quality I have discovered increasingly how simplicity and quality thrive off of each other. You may be able to see my personal progression through a few of my projects, listed with the year and season that I created them.

You will notice especially in my latest work the focus on simplicity. Look for the subtle but developed attention I have put into the often overlooked details and functions that allow the various projects to work. They are as imperfect as they were learning opportunities, so please appreciate that!


Mars Irrigation and Landscape, LLC 2014
A one-page site where I focused both the design and development to create an uncluttered, appealing, and intuitive information page for my Dad's small business.

Highland Youth Garden
It is always a great opportunity to work with some very compassionate and driven community members as they seek to provide an opportunity for children at nearby schools and in the neighborhood to learn outdoors at the Highland Youth Garden.

Missione Italiana Summer 2017
This was a neat opportunity to rebuild and redesign a small, informative site organizing and providing access to all the location and time information for free english groups that are provided as a community service by native english-speaking missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in southern Italy.


I translate documents occasionally to and from Italian in an attempt to not only maintain but improve my abilities in that language while I am away from Italy.

Language Learning Tools

Italian Verb Conjugation Tool Fall 2017
I've created a tool for both practicing and reference to the conjugation of Italian verbs. Unfortunately the dictionary on which I based my tool contains a large number of errors as a result of poor editing and review on the part of the publisher, which means that although I have corrected and continue to correct mistakes, there still may be errors.

HTML and Javascript Experiments

A few of my favorite and more developed tests and experiments are listed below. A full list can be found here.

Color Splashes Summer 2017
The vast majority of computer software blends color incorrectly, including the web browser you are using now. This project put the correct method into play blending colored light sources that originate from where the mouse has been clicked or the screen tapped.

Music for the Organ

In a pinch I can put something together for the organ. I am not very good at it.